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April 18-22, 2005

Papers (alphabetical by author's name)

Technology Education in South Africa Since 1998: A Shift From Contents (Conceptual Knowledge) to Process-Based Learning Programs
Piet Ankiewicz, Estelle de Swardt en Werner Engelbrecht

A Case Study of the Inter-Relationship Between Science and Technology: England 1984-2004
Frank Banks, Prof. Bob McCormick

Engineering and Excellence: An Old-New Agenda for Technology Education in Israeli High Schools
Moshe Barak

The Centrality of Designing - An Emerging Realisation From Three Curriculum Projects
David Barlex

Technical Education in Scotland - Fit for Purpose?
Brian Canavan, Robert Doherty

Is the Whole More Than the Sum of its Components? An Analysis of Technology Education in ORT Schools Around the World
Alejandro E. Ferrari, Marcos Berlatzky, Mario Cwi, Luis Perez, Dov Kipperman, Sergey Gorinskiy, Osnat Dagan

Technology Education in Scotland: An Investigation of the Past Twenty Years
John Dakers

Technology Education in South Africa Since 1998: A Shift From Traditional Teaching to Outcomes-Based Education
Estelle de Swardt, Piet Ankiewicz, Werner Engelbrecht

Mapping Reform in Scotland's Technology Education Curriculum: Change and Curriculum Policy in the Compulsory Sector
Robert A. Doherty and Brian Canavan

The Need to Change Pedagogies in Science and Technology Subjects: A European Perspective. Implications for Initial Teacher Education
Wendy Dow

Twenty Years of Educational Standards for Technology Education in the United States
William Dugger

Technological Education and Environmental Sustainability, a Critical Examination of Twenty Years of Canadian Practices and Policies
Leo Elshof, Ph.D.

Technology Education in Chile After Nine Years of Implementation From the Paper to the Classroom
Francisca Elton

Technology Education in South Africa Since 1998: A Shift to Decentralised Continuous Professional Teacher Development
Werner Englebrecht, Piet Ankiewicz, Estelle de Swardt

Changes and Progress in Elementary Technology Education
Dr. Daniel E. Engstrom

Analysing Technology Education Through the Curricular Evolution and the Investigation Themes
Jacques Ginestie

Can Twenty Years of Technology Education Assist 'Grass Roots' Syllabus Implementation?
Ian S. Ginns, Stephen J. Norton, Campbell J. McRobbie, Robert S. Davis

Women in Technological Society: A Challenge to the Modern School
Dr. Sergey Gorinskiy

Developments in Technology Education in Canada
George J. Hache

Manufacturing Change and Design and Technology
Christopher Hughes

A Shift From Traditional Teaching to the Development of Complex Thinking in a Technology Classroom in South Africa
Maria Jakovljevic, Piet Ankiewicz, Estelle de Swardt

The Developing Field of Technology Education in New Zealand: The Last Twenty Years
Alister Jones

Technology Education in Finland
Tapani Kananoja

Science and Technology Links in Israeli Secondary Schools - Do We Have a Reason to Celebrate?
Dov Kipperman

Reflections on the Last 20 Years of 'Designing' and Projections in the Future
T. Lawler

From Ideas to Fruition - External Funding and its Impact on Technology Education
Gene Martin

Changing Practice and Changing Lenses: The Evolution of Ways of Researching Technology Education
Howard Middleton

Innovation of the Concept and Content of Technology Education in the Czech Republic in Context with their Development in the Countries of Central Europe
Hana Novakova, Ph.D.

Comparing Perspectives: Comparative Research in Technology Education
Dr. Margarita Pavlova

The Last Ten Years: Change in Malta
Mr. D. Purchase

Are Girls Equal in Technology Education?
Aki Rasinen

Technology Education and the Influence of Research: A United States Perspective, 1985-2005
John Ritz, Philip A. Reed

The Inclusion of Food Technology as an Aspect of Technology Education in the English School Curriculum: A Critical Review
Marion Rutland

Unorthodox Methodologies: Approaches to Understanding Design and Technology
Ken Stables, Richard Kimbell

A Retrospective Look at What Was Essential During the Past 20 Years
Kendall N. Starkweather, Ph.D., DTE

Technology Teacher Education in South Africa
Andrew Stevens

A Change of Industrial Technology Education Curriculum and Development of a Design Learning Support System for Technology Education
Sumiyoshi Mita, Toshiki Matsuda, Zyun Iwaki, Takahisa Furuta

The Japanese Word "Gijutsu": Should it Mean "Skills" or "Technology"
Toshiki Matsuda

Technology Education in South Africa Since: A Shift From Traditional Evaluation to a Process-Based Assessment Framework
Elsabe Van Niekerk, Piet Ankiewicz, Estelle de Swardt

From Dualism Towards an Emphasis on Talent: An Overview of Curriculum Development in Flanders
Didier Van de Velde, Peter Hantson

Artefacts and Cognitive Development: How do Psychogenetic Theories of Intelligence Help in Understanding the Influence of Technical Environments on the Development of Thought?
Pierre Verillon, Colette Andreucci

The Rhetoric and Reality of Technology Education in Hong Kong
Ken Volk

Technology Education in Australia: Twenty Years in Retrospect
Dr. P. John Williams

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