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National Harbor 2016 
ITEEA's 78th Annual Conference
Washington, DC
March 2- 4, 2016



Attend a FREE product demonstration hosted by several of the industry's top companies. These "Action Labs" will give you the ultimate benefit of a hands-on workshop to test the product before you buy. Refer to the schedule below so you can plan ahead.


Host your Action Lab two ways:

1. Attendees are invited to come and learn about your products in a private room outside the Exhibit Hall.

2. Attendees are invited to come and learn about your products in a public setting inside the Exhibit Hall.

DS SolidWorks
Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday, March 3
Room: Azalea 1
Project-Based Learning and Q&A
Description: Learn about all the different Curriculum and resources that can help you teach SolidWorks in the classroom. From built-in tutorials to downloadable projects. Also, feel free to come with any and all questions you might have about SolidWorks.

Pitsco Education
Wednesday, March 2
Room: Azalea 1
Getting Started with Classroom Robotics and Programming
Description: TETRIX PRIME is a revolutionary new robotics building system that is designed to teach a variety of STEM concepts through Project-Based Learning that meet Common Core and Next Gen Science standards without the construction complexities inherent to other building systems. TETRIX PRIME is engineered to be simple and intuitive, enabling students to bring their robot creations to life quickly and easily. A demo of pairing TETRIX PRIME with Arduino will ensure success with classroom implementation. Join us and get hands-on with the new TETRIX PRIME building system paired with Arduino.

Whitebox Learning
Wednesday, March 2
2:00pm-2:50pm and
Thursday, March 3
Room: Azalea 1
KidWind 2.0®
Description: Come check out the latest release from WhiteBox Learning.  KidWind 2.0® fully engages students in learning all about wind energy.  Students can research, design, analyze, and simulate their designs, and compete “virtually,” 24/7, all around the world, from any browser. Then they can print the turbine blades they designed on a 3d printer!  Integrated LMS Included. Standards-based. Grades 6-12.

Wednesday, March 2
Room: Azalea 1
The Future of Making Things and Free Autodesk Software for Your School and Students
Description: Tomorrow's Engineers, Artists, and Makers will be designing self-driving cars, personalized wearables, and connected devices for the Internet of Things. Making these future things requires modern tools that leverage new practices such as 3D printing, cloud computing, and digital simulation. Tomorrow's tools are being developed today, and this session will put them in your hands.

In this session you will learn how you prepare your students to make their mark on the world, and how you, your students, and your school can access Autodesk software for free.

Thursday, March 3
Room: Azalea 1
CTE Soaring Above the Cloud
Description: Learn how Paxton/Patterson’s Cloud Learning Management System differentiates the instruction for each student. Students access the curriculum content Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device. That means students are no longer tethered to a specific classroom. They learn at their own pace. This is coupled with rigorous project-based learning in the classroom. It’s easy to “flip” the classroom and have much more time for hands-on, minds-on learning.

You will see how our radically improved instructional delivery model allows teachers to become learning coaches and mentors. Students take responsibility for their own learning in this mastery system. During this presentation/workshop you will be given access to some of our Cloud-based STEM curriculum so you can experience for yourself. You’ll see how and why students learn so well using these learning systems.

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