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Milwaukee in 2015! 


ITEEA's 77th Annual Conference
Milwaukee, WI
March 26- 28, 2015

TEECA (Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association) Competitive Events

TEECA is the single largest body of preservice technology and engineering teachers in the nation. TEECA is well-represented at the ITEEA Annual Conference, with over 20 universities participating annually, as well as over 300 preservice teachers, faculty advisors, and other state education officers from around the nation in attendance. Currently, TEECA hosts seven competitions at the ITEEA Annual Conference and holds an awards banquet on Friday evening to celebrate and award the winners.

See available sponsorships or call Christine Maggio at 703-860-5028.

Wednesday, 8:15pm-8:20pm
Location: TBA


Schools and individuals will be asked to take photos of TEECA and ITEEA events occurring during the conference. Participants will upload photos to TEECA website to be judged 1 week following the conference. Winners (and their photo(s) will be announced on the teeca.org website.
Facilitators: Collins Cochran, 2014-2015 TEECA Photography Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Wednesday, 8:30pm-10:00pm
Location: TBA

Technology Challenge

A quiz-bowl type of competition between TEECA-affiliated chapters, with questions related to technology and professional education topics.
Facilitators: Geoff Wright, Brigham Young University & 2014-2015 Technology Bowl Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 8:00pm-6:15pm
Exhibit Hall

VEX Robotics

Participants design, fabricate, test, and demonstrate the use of a VEX robot to complete a task. Following the demonstration participants will give a brief presentation relating to the design of their robot.
Facilitators: TEECA Robotics Contest Coordinators and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 3:00pm
Exhibit Hall


The TEECA Transportation Contest is about conceptualizing, designing, and constructing a transportation device or craft for optimal efficiency. The contest has several variations and involves concepts associated with air, land, sea, space and/or intermodal transportation. Participants will present the vehicles at this time.
Facilitators: 2014-2015 TEECA
Transportation Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer

Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 3:30pm–5:00pm
Exhibit Hall A

3D Interactive STEM Model

The 3D Interactive STEM Model competition requires an individual or small team to complete research on a topic of technological significance selected annually by TEECA and then to present the research by designing and creating a three-dimensional interactive model. This competition will be held in conjunction with the ITEEA STEM Showcase.
Facilitators: 2014-2015 TEECA 3D Interactive STEM Model Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Location: TBA

Teaching Lesson

The TEECA Teaching Lesson Contest evaluates how well an individual or pair of students teach others about a technological topic. Facilitators: 2014-2015 TEECA Teaching Lesson Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Exhibit Hall

Problem Solving

Teams will be assigned a topic from which they need to (1) identify an opportunity for innovation (problem finding), and (2) build their solution (problem solving) within a specified time limit.
Facilitators: 2014-2015 TEECA Problem Solving Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer
Sponsor: TBA

Thursday, 6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: TBA


The teams design, document, fabricate, and implement a continuous manufacturing system to produce an assigned product.
Facilitators: 2014-2015 TEECA
Manufacturing Contest Coordinator and TEECA National Officer

Sponsor: TBA

Friday, 6:00pm
Location: TBA


Teams plan and produce a short video on a topic related to the conference. The videos will be shared during the Awards Dinner.
Facilitator: 2014-2015 TEECA
Communication Lesson Contest Coordinator

Sponsor: TBA

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