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Milwaukee in 2015! 


ITEEA's 77th Annual Conference
Milwaukee, WI
March 26- 28, 2015

Nearly 100 Professional Development Learning Sessions will be conducted at this year's conference. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There may be minor adjustments to the sessions prior to the conference in Milwaukee. The complete list of session titles will appear in the in the full conference program.

  • STEM Integration into the Curricula: The Case for a Conceptual Framework
  • Why Society can't afford to lose TEE
  • How Mobile Devices Increase Self-directed Learning
  • Integration of Technology and Engineering with the Arts
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Build Creative Careers
  • Leveraging Industry Experiences to Transform Classroom Practices
  • Two First-Year Teachers Collaborating with STEM
  • Assessing Activities: Ensuring Intentional Instruction
  • Practical Implementation of Manufacturing-based STEM Concepts
  • A Comprehensive STEM Plan for K-12 STEM Instruction
  • 3D Printers - New Tools in the Classroom
  • Out With the Old!
  • Rigor in Engineering and Tech Ed Classrooms
  • Infusing Engineering Concepts into Technology and Science
  • School of Innovation: University-Elementary School STEM Collaboration
  • Teaching Video, Communication, and Technical Literacy Skills
  • Partnering to Implement a STEM Master's Degree
  • Manufacturing Classes are Great STEM Classes!
  • Broadening Participation in Computationally Rigorous Engineering Courses
  • Experiments with Laser Cutters and Rapid Prototypers
  • Data Collection Through A Statewide Survey
  • How to Put sTEm into Every Classroom
  • Combining Science and Technology Pedagogy
  • Comparing Teachers and Engineering Educators’ Perceptual Differences.
  • Students Resolving Conflicts, Making Choices, and Collaborating
  • Bringing STEM Together
  • Robotics for Elementary STEM Education
  • Assessing Elementary Students’ Attitudes
  • Leveraging 1:1 Technology in the STEM Classroom
  • 3D Print Cool Stuff! Add a Graphic
  • Optimization: Epitome of STEM Integration
  • STEM Geometry
  • Amazing Possibilities in K-12 Integrative STEM Education
  • Women Are Sexists, Too!
  • NC3: Connecting Industry With Education Through Certification
  • Engineering/Robotics in Early Education
  • Why modules and activities just aren't enough
  • Air Force Association STEM Street Club for Middle School
  • STEM for Out of Your Seat and On Your Feet Learning K-5
  • Females and STEM: Tell Us What YOU want!
  • STEM Through Games and Hands-On Activities
  • A Comparative Analysis of Spatial Visualization Ability
  • Finding our Way: Connecting STEM and Culture
  • Overcoming Barriers to Classroom Technology Integration
  • Reinforcing Engineering/Technology Using Hands-On Activities
  • ITEEA / AFRL collaboration on Automated Design Challenge
  • Junior-High Students' Collaborative Problem-Solving Performance in Taiwan
  • Building STEM Partnership with Local Businesses
  • Incorporating Disciplinary Literacy in Technology Education
  • Electric Guitar: Design, Production, and Testing
  • Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) Experience
  • Using Engineering Design for Transdisciplinary Curriculum
  • Delivering integrative STEM Education through Digital Fabrication
  • Through My Window: Imaginative, Idea-Centered Engineering Education
  • Manufacturing Renaissance: Technology and Engineering Education's Role
  • Strategies for Engaging Poverty-Level Students
  • Brillion School District STEM Education Partnerships
  • Competitive Robotics: Engaging Students With Applied STEM
  • IB Design Technology: Thinking Globally
  • Technology and Engineering Education (2014-2015) Study Results
  • Teachers' Perceptions of Learning by Doing
  • Trout and Salmon in the Classroom
  • Connectivity and Relevance
  • Cutting Edge - Becoming a STEM-integration school
  • Develop a STEM Pathway Grades K-12
  • United States Super STEM Competition
  • Establishing International Technology and Engineering STEM Partnerships
  • Measuring the Self-Efficacy of VEX Robotics Participants
  • Think Like an Engineer with Flight.
  • Generating Interest in STEM Through Underwater Robotics
  • Innovation Portal: Connecting Design Projects With Opportunities
  • Integrate STEM Into Existing Laboratory-based Activities
  • Enriching Math and Science through Engineering Challenges
  • How Female Students Engage in Engineering Design
  • MacGyver Science - NASA Style!
  • Engaging K-12 Students in Global STEM Education
  • Closing the Access and Achievement Gap in STEM
  • Science Centers as STEM Resources, Let's Talk!
  • Partnering to Design STEAM Internships
  • Zoonotic Disease: A STEM Exploration
  • Teaching Informed Design with Quadcopters
  • Changing Student Dispositional Attitudes with Engaging STEM
  • Living Through an Avatar: Are Games Real?
  • Framework for Integrated STEM and Digital Fabrication
  • Using Model Railroading in STEM Education
  • Toys, Tools, and Techniques: Reverse Engineering
  • Teaching Beginning Transportation on a $500 Budget
  • Instructional Resource for STEM Learning in Jamica
  • Technology and Partnerships: Enhancing Education and Workforce
  • NC3: Connecting Industry With Education Through Certification
  • Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC)
  • FAB LAB: Doing It Right
  • Engineers Write
  • New Teacher Seminar
  • Affordable Flexography

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