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National Harbor 2016 
ITEEA's 78th Annual Conference
Washington, DC
March 2- 4, 2016


EbD STEM Focal Points (includes lunch)

Cost: $145; ticket required

Description: Participants will get the first glimpse of a new standards-based model for integrating STEM through i-STEM FocalPoints™ and how they can drive school reform. The workshop will focus on validating STEM content across Science, Technology and Engineering, Mathematics, English-Language Arts and Engineering Habits of Mind. Computer recommended, but not required. Limited to 30 participants.

Presenter: Barry Burke, DTE

Game On - Now Let's Build It

Cost: $95; ticket required

Description: In this three- hour workshop, the presenters will explain how a thorough understanding of the components for a successful educational game can be produced simultaneously while teaching block-based programming. A student who learns to programming is provided with the opportunity to control a major component of technology. And programming is not isolated to a trade skill, but a development of computational thinking to find answers to open-ended problems. This requires logical and abstract thought to elicit a conclusion. In fact, programming addresses diverse learning styles and expression. Game design provides those skills. In this workshop, the participants will discover the different game genres’ and which one to use for the educational application, and building blocks needed to be considered prior to programming.

Presenters: Philip L. Cardon, David Gore, Alex Price, and Pam Speelman

Design Thinking in K-12 STEM

Tuesday - 1pm-4pm
Cost: $95; ticket required

Description: This preconference workshop will prepare teachers to effectively implement key strategies to improve students design thinking skills within K-12 STEM lessons. Purdue faculty and graduate students will present approaches to improve students' design skills while also addressing <em>Standards for Technological Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards</em>, and Common Core. The workshop is grounded in best practices learned from years of K-12 teaching and over five years of funded research on design thinking in STEM education in Grades 3-12. Workshop sessions include: using engineer's notebooks as design assessment, design sketching instruction, brainstorming for innovation, optimization and decision making, etc.

Presenters: Todd Kelley and Euisuk Sung

Children's Council STEM Workshop

Tuesday - 1pm-4pm
Cost: $50; ticket required

Description: Using problem-based learning and problem solving to address STEM topics with elementary students, the Children's Council Elementary STEM Workshop will offer numerous ideas and lessons for elementary teachers. Workshop participants will investigate why STEM literacy in grades K-6 is essential to economic success and to the elementary child’s success in an increasingly technologically dependent world. The engineering design process will be modeled throughout the workshop. Participants will also engage in standards-based, hands-on, minds-on activities that demonstrate how to integrate children’s literature, science curriculum, mathematics curriculum, educational technologies, and technological literacy practices to create a well-rounded K-6 STEM classroom.

Presenters: Dr. Laura J. Hummell

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