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Lauren Lapinski

Lauren Lapinski

Tyler Love

Tyler Love

Maurice Frazier, Ph.D.

Maurice Frazier, Ph.D.



"Five "E's" that sum up this workshop: Educational, Effective, Exciting, Enjoyable, Excellent."

Chandra Porter, Invention & Innovation Workshop Attendee


"EbD places STEM at the fingertips of America's students"

Robert Knox, Foundations of Technology Institute Workshop Attendee


Thank you for the wonderful website ITEEA is providing because it has definitely helped me out tremendously!! After participating in the Hour of Code for the first time in the 2013-2014 school year, I started looking around at the programming opportunities in my county. No school, public or private, offered any type of computer programming. Without a programming background I begged my principal to please allow me to teach programming to our students. We began these classed this year!  Your website has provided so much help to me. I signed up and was chosen to participate in your ITEEA’s National Automated Device Challenge this past summer. It was a great learning experience for me! After participating and becoming familiar with the Raspberry Pi I went to the Raspberry Pi website.  Ben Nuttall, Raspberry Pi Education Developer Advocate, was getting ready to conduct a USA Tour. I emailed and invited him even though my school was located miles away from his original tour plan. This past fall he visited my school and presented to my computer classes-Ben also donated 4 Raspberry Pis to my classroom. (This all happened because ITEEA allowed me to participate in the National Automated Device Challenge and learn about the Raspberry Pi!) This past February ITEEA sent a 3D printer to my school for the summer participation. What an unbelievable opportunity you guys have provided for my students in this poor and rural county!!  Thank you SO MUCH!

Terri Reeves, Fayette Academy

Terri Rust

“Some people check CNN or MSN for their daily news. I get the latest, greatest, and groundbreaking news from the ITEEA STEM feed that comes to me. Thanks for keeping me up to date with the latest research, newsworthy posts, and links to exciting things being done by ITEEA colleagues. ”

Terri Rust, former classroom teacher

“ITEEA is the driving force behind technology and engineering education; the behind the scenes that most members don’t get to see.  The conversations that are conducted with politicians, the decision makers—ITEEA is a strong voice for technology and engineering education.”

Joel Ellinghuysen, High School Teacher, Lewiston Altura HS, MN

Joel Ellinghuysen

Brian Lien

“You can meet a lot of people and you get to meet them every year, talk to them throughout the year, get great ideas.  You get out of the organization exactly what you put into it, and I’ve gotten a lot back.”

Brian Lien, Technology and Engineering Teacher, Princeton HS, OH

"As a first year teacher in such an exponential content area, the ITEEA IdeaGarden has allowed me to find curriculum, project ideas, and STEM adaptations that will allow my students to be better prepared for the challenges they will face in post secondary education or the work field. Fellow Technology and Engineering teachers have been generous and willing to share many great thoughts and ideas that are helping me to become the best teacher possible right out of the gate!"

Matthew Ross, Pittsburg State


“The cooperative information sharing and true caring for one's fellow colleagues makes this little corner of the internet (IdeaGarden) so very special. The retired lurkers of “The Garden,” of which I am one, may continue to glean information and enjoyment from our chosen field as presented by all you good folks.”

Rick Penepacker
ITEEA Advocate Member


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